Tyre Measurement Technology



3D scans of the tyre tread using the Treadreader Hand Held scanner can be viewed on a tablet, mobile phone or PC, alongside the calculated tread depths. The Treadreader App for Android mobile devices is available to download, with simple steps to connect the mobile device with the scanner.

Together, the App and scanner are an invaluable tyre inspection and diagnostic tool for all workshops and dealerships. The App connects easily to the scanner via Wi-Fi, with intuitive screens to guide technicians through the scanning of vehicle tyres.
The App generates a Customer Report showing vehicle identification, 3D tyre scans with color-coded tread warning and error alarms for all tyre position.
Business integrated software is also available for car tyre dealers and workshops. Tyre inventory can be easily integrated in the software and necessary tyre recommendations can be auto picked from the inventory along with tyre size pattern and price details. The same can be presented to the customers along with a tyre health report.

Smartphone & Tablet App


The patented TreadReader tyre measurement technology creates a detailed 3D scan of each tyre, constructed from 320,000 measurement points, with an accuracy of < 0.2mm or 0.008”. By scanning the full width of the tyre and 50mm around the tyre, TreadreaderTM devices far surpass the accuracy and reliability of traditional dip gauges and non-contact ‘laser pointer’ measurement devices. Advanced software algorithms produce detailed colour coded 3-dimensional tyre tread images which show the condition of the tyre tread with absolute clarity. When presented to a vehicle owner, TreadReader scans immediately convey tyre condition and remove any perceived barriers to tyre replacement should tread depth be insufficient or illegal.

Product Specification