Tyre becomes the axis of safety when your life is on the wheels

You are ready for the trip. Your vehicle is geared up with fuel tank full. Everyone among your family members is beaming with the bliss; they are about to experience on the journey.

But, deep down, you and your family are not aware that the transport, on which you are going to enjoy the holiday, could be silent planning to damage your trip.

Don’t take me wrong. This is not a bad dream, negative thinking or exaggerating the innocent picture. Reality is that now highways and long journey ways are fast becoming passages to fatal accidents. Media reports are screaming for such great losses of life and value on roads, every now and then. And most of the time, the culprit of these cruel endings is none other than- Poor Tyres.

Bursting of tyres on highways is the major cause of deaths on highways so far as the individual motorists are concerned. Many times, it collides with the other vehicles on the road causing more casualties. Blames for such mishaps run on extreme heat and high speed but very few know that ultimately it is the evil played by tyres.

So, instead of making a headline with your blood and bones, it’s better to enjoy the ride with a practical preventable solution from this calamity.

To save such mishaps on Highway like Yamuna Expressway or elsewhere, it is better to get your Tyre Health checked by means of Tyre Tread Technology. This is an international 3D Tyre Tread Measurement technology which can quickly present the health scan of the tyre including its breaking distance at the time of crisis. This single factor is very crucial because at the time of accident or mishap, usually, a healthy tyre stops at a distance of 72.9 meters (including reaction time at the speed of 80 km/h on wet conditions).  But when a tire’s health is weak, and it reaches the legal limit of 1.6mm treadwear in that situation stopping distance increases to 72.9 meters to 106.7 meters i.e increase of 33.8 meters. And this change the whole game-a going to be a survivor during accident turns into a sufferer. Due to a sick tyre, life slips from the seat to ground. Unfortunately, life never gives a second chance to change this grave situation and a happy, playful life ends within a fraction of seconds.

To change this deadly series of tyre bursts and human endings, drastic steps are to be taken at multi-levels. It can begin with Tyre Safety in the first place. To achieve this target at a mass level, new technological interventions involving measuring Tyre Tread Depth with tyre algorithm readings are to be deployed to save the driving resources. In such technological application, the safety of life is ensured with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) which is going to be the future of most life activities.

Acyuta Global, a pioneer in this segment, has taken this initiative to bring this world-class safeguard technology for the driving population of India. Managing Director of Brandmark Enterprises, Anil Trivedi comments: Understanding the pain area of Tyre Sector, we have brought the technical superiority solution.His comment speaks volumes about his efforts as meaningful solutions like the one Acyuta Global is offering will be sooner or later, going to impact the Tyre Ecosystem. And Tyre is now no more a commodity, it’s a whole new causing agent in the modern civilization which is always on the Go.


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